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Loving my score

by Sonnbra on 16/SEP/09 | Back to Sonnbra's Media

“i was playing "instant action" i all i can say is i love this game, hot gameplay, various objectives even on multi. hot hot hot, and of course loving my score”

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Section 8

Section 8 (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 04/SEP/09
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Are you playing on Xbox 360 or PC? You should link this image to the Section 8 game.
If you edit the image, there is a type ahead box on the right side of the form... just type section 8 and select the PC one.

I was just wondering because I am playing it on Xbox 360... and having a blast as well.
im playing on PC i tried ti link it but im new here and dont really know how to do it.
edit: ok already did, thanks anyways
umm im using it on PC it is a friend backup im really loving it so in seriously thinking of buying it so i can play multiplayer, i think multi is going to be awesome
Yeah multiplayer is the best part... the dynamic missions really spread out the battlefield.

Only real complaints at this point:

-single player is pretty boring
-driving the tank is hard. makes no sense to me most of the time.
yeah u can get killed faster driving a tank than walking, the tank is just not good for driving
Love Section 8. Much prefer the PC controls. @ChangeAgent hows come Section 8 never shows any box art?
Not bad at all mate.

SECTION 8 is preety Great game tbh.

Atleast is the best FPS for 2009,right? ;)

Anw,COD 4 now has something to fear coz if this gets evolved properly then its going to be a big fight for the King crown of FPS once again.
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